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Moderlo is a theme based on the styling of IP Board skins, as it is a popular style and layout i thought it would be a good idea to implement this into the design. This particular version is blue but there are plans for various colors if they are requested or this becomes popular.

One addition to the theme is a pop up login box which was done with a jQuery plugin called 'Colorbox'.

Current Screenshots


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Support is now available for this theme here.

If you have purchased the theme but are unable to access the support forum, please send me a pm with the unique transaction ID and your account will be upgraded.

Thats one of the best Mybb themes i have seen, Great job

Create new on\off icons these has some low quality edges.
Other than that is okay but the <br /> looking up to the moderated by: Administrators, but i think it just missing a title haha good job!
I will look into creating some more on / off / offlock icons that'll match the theme in the coming days.
You will have problem, people won't be able to decide which of the two current theme awesomes should they use.
/lulzmod off
Using Fugue icons? Also I would remove the UserCP and instead integrate it with the name. By clicking on the name it would be using jquery.popup with links to the options, the most important ones. Dropdown would be also nice option.
Only using the Fugue icons for the status ones (online, offline and away). I was thinking about adding another popup for something like that, when you click on user cp it would open a lightbox containing the important links, but it may suit the theme if it was when you clicked on the user name, could also add mod cp and admin cp links in there. Although doing that would leave the userbar at the top pretty empty.
You could use it for custom pages links. Or add the one more bar like in IPB.
Very nice theme!

I love this oneSmile
Thanks Jann, just running through some last checks with it now. Hoping there are no bugs that'll delay it.
Looks Very Nice And Clean Good Job.
(26th Jan, 10:16 pm)Pain Wrote:  Looks Very Nice And Clean Good Job.

Thanks for the comment Pain, welcome to the forums by the way.

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