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Message Button

In my forum in the message button does not go. The variable etc. are correctly integrated. The problem is probably due to JavaScript. Can this be done differently? Not with JS, but different? Or if possible, show me a solution?


URL to the forum

What styles do you use?
- I use a paid forum style from Themefreak -> http://www.themefreak.net/flatone.php

Do you have plugins installed? Which? (If possible please provide links to the plugins)
List of my plugins:
Author Topic Closed (1.0)
Moderator Notice (1.2.1)
DVZ Shoutbox (2.3.1)
First Post Only (1.2)
Imprint Plugin (1.8)
Last post in profile (1.0)
My Achievements (1.9)
NewPoints (1.9.9)
Show the users that has been online today (2.0)
Overview (3.9.2)
PHP and template conditionals (2.0)
Profile Visitors (1.3)
Tags (3.0.1)
Thread Close Open Yourself (0.2)
Thank You / Like System (1.9.10)
Thread Count Pro (1.1)
Threadviewer (1.3)
TS3 Online Viewer for the MyBB (1.0)
MyBB Wiki (1.1.1)
XThreads (1.68)

Which MyBB version do you use?
MyBB version 1.8.6

Which PHP version do you use?
PHP version 5.6.30-0 + deb8u1

Which database do you use? (With version)
MySQLi 5.5.5

Did you update / upgrade?
No, no upgrade was done. It was a long time ago an update from 1.6 to 1.8, since then no upgrade / update.

Did you convert your MyBB forum from another board software?
No. Since my board was only MyBB.

Since when does the problem occur?
Apparently for a long time. I was made aware of 09.06.

Is an error message issued? Which? When?
It passes garnix. No error message, no action.

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