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Just Bought MetroStyle
I just purchased the theme MetroStyle for MyBB 1.8.x Who knew that you could have such awesomeness for just $30. ThemeFreak hit a home run with this theme. The customization is incredible! We're all aware that there aren't currently many themes out there for version 1.8.x of MyBB but I don't see any reason to ever change from MetroStyle. It's really nice to see features that just aren't available in any other theme and since I'll be using it on a community portal the drop down links will allow me to link to other features of the site! If you're looking for a theme that allows your members to have some control over the styling of their page on their computer this is the theme that can do that! Big Grin
You're awesome. Thank you for the wonderful review and kind words on our metro theme for mybb.

I think many customers also forget that Metro Style also comes with a mobile theme that can be used with GoMobile plugin.
I just bought a Nikon D5100 mostly for taking pictures of the tank dont tell my wife. I really could use a lesson or three to help me learn it. Ill buy the beer

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