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That's great, would be nice to see some more projects using this as a base.
I am using this on my upcoming project. Noticed a few plugins do not adapt to the unique theming for myBB but I have worked around it Smile nice style! Keep making them.
Unfortunately one of the downfalls of my themes is that i do not adapt them for plugins, but it does give more flexibility with the design. Most plugins should be able to be edited through the global templates when installed to match the theme.
Yeah supply's extra work but your skins make it worthwhile.
I'm glad you're enjoying them, will be good to see how plugins work with them. I don't use them myself on sites as i feel everything needed is in the default installation.
Yeah the main ones I have is all security. So not much to change.
The only thing i really set up here was reCAPTCHA, which has proven to be helpful as i haven't had to delete any spam from the forums.
Hoping to make a few adjustments to this theme over the next few weeks, so would welcome any suggestions to improve it.

I know the thread review needs to be looked at as at the moment it is hard to know which post belongs to who, also i want to look at making the posts in a thread easier to distinguish.
Only thing I can suggest is maybe a gradient as the header instead of just a flat colour?
(21st Feb, 07:23 pm)GAF Wrote:  Only thing I can suggest is maybe a gradient as the header instead of just a flat colour?

Thanks GAF, i will have a look at the theme again soon and see if i can find a nice gradient to work in the header.

There is now a support forum available for Minimal, although it is only available to members who have 5 posts and have been registered for 3+ days. If you find any bugs, would like to make more suggestions or need help then please post here.

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