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Thank you, i hope you enjoy it.

Your account has been upgraded so you are able to view and post in the support section for the theme, if you have any issues feel free to post there and i will answer as soon as possible.
Thank you!
(18th Mar, 03:04 pm)AwsmDJ Wrote:  Thank you!

No problem, i hope you enjoy the theme.

I have noticed there 2 / 3 people who have purchased the theme who have not contacted me to have their accounts upgraded. If you have purchased the theme and not contacted me, or are not part of the usergroup 'Customer' then let me know and i will upgrade your membership here.
Looking to upgrade this theme very soon using the new framework that also made Sleek. One extra thing i am hoping to accomplish is to make this theme responsive, so it changes based on the width of the screen. If there is anyone who has purchased Moderlo and views their forum on a tablet device or mobile phone then please let me know as it would be nice to have someone willing to test it.
The updated version of this theme is now available to be downloaded and a demo of it should be up within 24 hours. Would like to get some feedback on the theme from users using a tablet or mobile phone to view the theme.
I'm going to use it for my new online web discussion board. I really like IPB themes!

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