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JustXP - Jony - 27th Mar

[Image: logo.png]
JustXP is a new developing gaming community, the old rapture-gfx community died, therefore we came up with something new about gaming!
we still do have a graphics section so we are also looking for graphic designers and learners! we are currently in need for your referrals & content posts so why not just join JustXP?

Visit JustXP now!

RE: JustXP - Jon - 27th Mar

It's a shame the conversion to IP Board hurt Rapture-GFX, good luck with the new community though. Love the domain name aswell as it's short and easy to remember.

RE: JustXP - VirtuaWWW12 - 12th May

That's not a mybb website. I reported it to the admin!