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OrionMobile - Multiple Boards, Auto-Select, and 2.0
Hey. I stumbled on your OrionMobile theme today after once again searching for an alternative to the GoMobile plugin and love it but I do have a few questions.

First, how does licensing work here? Is it buy once and use everywhere or does it need to be licensed per URL? I currently have two different locations that I'd be switching over.

Second, the one thing I really do like about the GoMobile plugin is that it auto-switches to the mobile skin based on detected browser without affecting desktop browser theme preferences. I'm imagining this can't be done with the theme on its own and I'm also assuming that I can actually leave the plugin installed and just replace the mobile theme it creates with yours but will that break your color saving preference and will I be able to specify a default in that case?

Finally, how are updates to forum software handled? I obviously have no idea when 2.0 is going to be released but, unless they're finally including a mobile-capable skin of their own, this will obviously need to be updated. Based on your terms, it seems that an update would be provided for free if it falls within a year of the initial purchase but is there any assurance an update will be made at all? What happens if you exceed the year? Is it then another full-price purchase or just an upgrade fee? I just want to try to cover my bases here as best as I can since we've already been burned by putting too much faith in GoMobile.

Thanks in advance and regardless, keep up the awesome work,

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