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I'm the new owner
Hello all,

I'm officially the new owner of themefreak as of yesterday. Due to some time restraint conflicts Jon was forced to take some time off from themefreak and instead of letting the site sit he decided to sell it so that support and development could continue. Thanks to Jon's hard work developing this site, I can begin focus on theme development and support right away!

In general I'd say Jon's theme styles are bit different then mine, but I hope to adapt some of my new themes to include elements that he was using. While my work may look a bit different I can promise you the quality and support will be top notch.

All support will continue as normal. Jon may still be around from time to time to help, but that's mostly up to him. I can however help with whatever you need on any and all themes he developed for you.

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask here.

Cheers! Smile
Hey wils, Jon told me about you.
can i see some of your themes?
Currently own:

Themes I've designed:
http://www.talkclevelandsports.com - Error wouldn't be there obviously, but the owner hasn't fixed it
Some nice designs =] i can't wait to see some of the work you do for TF =]
(8th Apr, 10:20 pm)Green Arrow Wrote:  Some nice designs =] i can't wait to see some of the work you do for TF =]

Thank you Smile

I hope to have some sneak peaks of a new design by the end of the week!

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