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GThree Forums [Graphics - Gaming - General]
[Image: g3logo-new_copy2.png]

GThree Forums. A community aimed at bringing together members with common interests like Gaming or Graphic designing or maybe even those who just want to chill out and have fun in a relaxed environment.

Me and a group of enthusiastic members were all responsible for its production and after toiling away for weeks, the result is a fun and enjoyable community for everyone. With a multitude of members and activities, the forum is a place for pretty much anyone with time to kill and loneliness to extinguish. The more dedicated members, however, enjoy themselves even more while growing to become part of the community. We've returned after a long break and now we're set to be one of the best gaming and graphics forums on the web.

We would like to thank the efforts of ThemeFreak and namely, Jon for all of his help and support. The theme he has designed and coded for us is one of the best we've seen and all of our members have taken to it quite well. We have gained a lot of members over the past few weeks due to the theme alone. Smile
If any of you would like to check out the forum, feel free to click on the link below. I hope Jon doesn't mind me posting this thread.
Thank you once again. I wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors TF and I'll be sending you referrals and customers when I can.

I'm glad you're happy with your theme and the site looks great. I'll be here if you need any support with the theme Smile
I just joined your wonderful forum ... I will post some more next days ... now I don't really have the time to do it ok?
No problem Virtua. I'm glad you could join the forum. Smile
Wow, great theme and forum. Good luck with it. I'm going to be buying a theme soon, just need $5 more because it's $25 and I only have $20 in paypal.
The best good-looking forum I have ever seen!

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