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Your preferred Operating System
I'm curious to know what your preferred operating system is, currently i use Windows 7 and have only ever used Windows OS, but i have just downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 which looks quite impressive but having never had any experience i'm skeptical about replacing Windows 7 with it. I only really use my PC for developing and browsing the internet, on the weekends i watch football via live streams on Sopcast. Would be nice to know if anyone uses Ubuntu 11.10 and their impressions of it.
I use FreeBSD on my desktop and slackware on my laptop. Also Ubuntu seems to be good for beginners you can install it next to windows 7 so you have both installed they have a easy option for that on the installer also have a play about with it on the live cd before you install it.
I'm a Linux user since June 2011 and I always use Linux Mint. Never tried Ubuntu as I don't like it! Anyway I prefer Windows but I don't want to spend money to buy the OS.

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