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Looking to hire a plugin developer for a paid plugin
Looking to hire a plugin developer for a relatively simple job. I need a plugin developed that'll be used in upcoming themes to display blocks in a sidebar. The sidebar is already coded into the theme so that doesn't need to be done, all that's needed is basically an options area in the admin control panel where users can enable / disable and edit blocks that are coded into the plugin as well as add as many custom blocks as they would like. I hope i have provided all the info needed for this, you can get in contact with me by posting here, or sending me a private message.

The experienced developer Yaldaram will be developing the plugin for the upcoming Sleek theme. You can keep updated on the progress of the theme here.
This will be unavailable for a while due to the cost being higher than anticipated. Will re open and post if it becomes as possibilty again in the future.

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