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Love The New Style!!!!!!
I really love the new theme it looks really really really really good. very nice job on the theme, i also have a request if you can show how to get postbit like ipb Smile, and how you were able to get avatar in the threadlist cause i been dieing to know how to do that.

little issue: default avatar out of box not sure if its suppose to be like that
[Image: Fx1ev.png]
Yeah the avatar is meant to pop out of the box just a little, it's been set to have that as it's image size.

To include the last users avatar on the threadlist and index page, i used this plugin from the mybb mods section.

Avatar on Index and Threadlist

For the postbit you only need to add an extra table row into the template and shift some of the code around. It's something that i'll have to write up when i have some free time and post in the tutorial section.

I'm glad you're enjoying the theme, it's one i definately plan on releasing soon, but with some modifications. You can keep updated on the development of this theme here.
thanks a lot Jon much appreciated, keep up the good work.
It's a very nice theme, nice to see the TF taking leaps forward.
Amazing work! The best theme i have ever seen! It's real good!
Keep the good work Wink
Thanks for the comments guys, really happy you are enjoying the look of this theme, though improvements to it should be coming soon. As this is a theme intended to be released if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to post in the 'Sleek' thread in the development section.

Thanks again
my heart will go on
New style is wonderful and I like it.

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