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Nick here!
Hi ladies and gents, my name is Nick, and I'm the owner of online community called Zeusoft based on developing open source applications. Our current application is software store called ZeuAPP which some you may have used already or are planning to in the future Smile
Other than that, I'm webmaster, CEO, and fan of Looney Toons Smile
P.S: Wonderful job done with the theme here.
P.S.S.: Enjoying modifying Minimal to my taste Smile
Welcome to the community forums, it's a privilege to have an owner of an online community become a member. If there is anything i can help you with, regarding your MyBB forum, then please let me know.
Thanks. Finally switched back to MyBB from IPB. Even though we had forum in past (closed down due to not having need for it), currently we are trying to re-add it, since launching of the web based application will require support and the dedicated community to build it from successfully. With desktop apps there is hardly need for community, unless the application is used in production.
If there is anything i can help with regards to the theme, let me know and i'd happy to assist. If you are interested in changing the font-face then i would recommend Font Squirrel, from there you can download the @fon-face kits and use them within the theme.

Please keep me updated on how the forum is progressing as well as the theme.

* This forum theme is also built on the template of the Minimal theme, it's a really good template set to manipulate *
Thanks, will do.
Also, when you have finished editing the theme to your own taste, maybe you could showcase your forum here to show others how it can be done and also promote your forum.
Welcome Nick. Smile
Thanks GhostMaster.

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