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Demo Board
Demo board is now available

The demo board can found here, currently only the Sleek theme is available for testing as there are plans to upgrade Moderlo before adding it to the demo and at this moment i'm unsure what will be happening with the Duty Calls theme.

Demo Accounts

Username : Demo 1
Password : demo123

Username : Demo 2
Password : demo234

Username : Demo 3
Password : demo345

For those who would like to, you can create an account on the demo board as it is instant activation.
That is cool! A demo is certainly most welcome. If you are too busy, though, I suggest to give us more screenshot of various part of the theme so we can imagine how the theme is like. At least until you can get a demo account working.

All the best. Smile
Hoping to have one installed and running for when i finish Sleek, so i'll add all the themes on there so they can be tested.
Demo board has been installed and Sleek theme uploaded so you can test it out.

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