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Looks awesome
This website looks awesome, and the designers here are top of the line. How long have you all been doing web design?
I'm glad you enjoy the designs, it's just myself doing them at the moment and i have been designing / developing for a little over a year now.

The current theme on the site is due to change shortly, although i may make this available for someone to purchase via an auction in the future.
A little over a year? Wow, and you are dominating right now.

Good on you, man.
I really love the new theme for the community forum, it feels like the combination of XenForo and IPB. Great job, Jon, really. Big Grin
@"Peter L" - Thanks, i appreciate the recognition.

@"phio_chan" - I'm glad you like the new theme, it's not complete yet as i would love to add some extra features when i have the time available, but any updates you'll see right away, Thanks.

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