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GameOne= need help
ok so i have jusy installed mybb 1.8.7 fresh install and db too

i can view mybb home and admin cp
when i load the theme i can no longer view mybb home screen!

NOTE: i can see it on my iphone but not firefox or explore

i can log on admin cp.

i follow the 4 steps and cant view it even deleted web history and cookies.

i have no idea what to do now.

anyone have this problem that can help i can pay anyone it has a fix for this

if you can help my info is here

theedgeclan.eu is the website

my email is noahmprice@gmail.com
It seems to be working fine as of this post.
(9th Jun, 01:59 pm)Tan Wrote:  It seems to be working fine as of this post.

yeah there seems to be a index.html 0 kb it wess effecting it

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