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game one inbox tab
hi for some reason the top right inbox tab when clicked wont load the inbox preview ? any help in pointing me to the answer thanx

I can help you if you PM me a test account so I can troubleshoot the issue for you. Smile


I went ahead and created an account myself. You will need to upload inbox_list.php to your forum root. That file was included with your download and you may have missed it.
yep i have that uploaded but still same you should be able to look now with your account
I'll need FTP access to troubleshoot the issue. If you could PM me the details that would be appreciated. This hasn't happened with anyone else as far as I know.
guys still suffering this problem where do i go just to remove the inbox link from the top thanx
You will need to edit the following template


Before you save any changes, be sure you saved a copy of the original template just in case you need to revert back.

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