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No Login Box for FlatOne When myBB installed in subdomain
I have my primary domain set up as "www" as usual.  It does not have an instance of myBB.  Just plain HTML.

I have 12 subdomains with myBB underneath the primary domain, for example: board1.mydomain.com, board2.mydomain.com, board3.mydomain.com, etc...

The default myBB theme works perfectly in the subdomains.  When I click on "Login", the modal dialog box pops up.

When I install the FlatOne theme in the subdomains, clicking on the "Login" icon does nothing.

If I restore the default myBB theme again, the "Login" icon works perfectly.

Q: Has anyone else had this problem?
Q: Am I in the right place for support?

Thanks in advance!
You're definitely in the right place for support. Can you send me the link to your forum?
Yes, here are two:

Hello and thank you for the links.

It seems to me that you're missing a couple files on the server. The theme is looking for files in specific locations and they are not found. It could be that your FTP program did not upload them.

The files you seem to be missing:
1. /images/flat/theme_stylesheet.php
2. /images/stylesheet/responsive.css
3. /images/flat/stylesheet/editor.css

Try to re-upload those files in those locations and the forum should work better for you.
Awesome, Tan!  

I wanted to come back to say that I put in the missing files and everything works perfectly.  Your set-up instructions were perfectly clear.  They just weren't followed properly.  This is, by far, the best responsive theme out there.


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