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MyBB 2.0 Repo Available for Download
According to the official MyBB blog, the repository for MyBB 2.0 is now open to the public and available for download.

This is not a stable release which means it should not be used on any live / production forums.

According to the mybb 2.0 github repo:

Quote:MyBB 2.0 is not yet stable and should not be used on live boards in any situation. Support is not provided for 2.0 until it is officially released as a stable product and any issues regarding basic support will be closed immediately. If you are not an experienced developer or administrator, this repository is probably not aimed at you.

I'm really excited for the upcoming release of MyBB 2.0 and so should you. It was expected to be released at the end of 2015 but that has not come into fruition unfortunately. We can only hope that it will be released at the end of first or second quarter.

MyBB 2.0 will be based on a Laravel skeleton template which should make creating MyBB themes easier.

We'll be following closely as should you.

Be sure to check our blog for planned MyBB 2.0 features.

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