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Pantalea ~ an international fan-site of Akiko Shikata
[Image: YhprU.png]

Pantalea is an international international fan-site build by fans of Akiko Shikata, a Japanese singer and composer. We are aiming to be the only one-stop information center for everything related to Akiko Shikata: general news, releases, concerts, blog entries translations, photo gallery, albums and lyrics library, and so much more.

Join the community of Pantalea; spread the love and beauty of the goddess' musics to the earth. All by fans and for fans around the world!

What do we offer at Pantalea?
Lots of benefits are waiting for you if you join our community~ Not only you would get to know amazing songs by this singer, you would also be able to make friends!

You can read more about Akiko Shikata by navigating to this page.

Important notice:
The old forum of Pantalea had just crashed, due to being hacked and lost of data which wasn't kept and all backups didn't manage to restore the old place. Therefore, instead of using the old forum (A Singing Harmony), we are going to start a new again at Pantalea. That is why it is still empty now; the community is in the process of restoring it. Help us in any way you can, please!

Quote:Our members have made a total of 796 posts in 216 threads.
We currently have 141 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, Corlee Fhauri

P.S.: If you are wondering where I use ThemeFreak's Minimal theme, you can change it by using the quick theme changer at the bottom of the forum.

Thank you for reading, and have a beautiful day! :love:
It looks like you have some dedicated members there helping rebuild the community, and judging by the fact the old site had a lot posts even after the loss of data i'm sure your community will be popular and grow to the heights it was before.
Thank you, Jon. Activity is rather low lately but I'll do my best. Big Grin
This site seems like it doesn't exist anymore so I just reported this thread to the admin!

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