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Sideboxes - responsive

I'm interested in your Flat One theme, as I need something responsive.

As the 'Advanced Sidebar' plug in doesn't work for MyBB 1.8.*, if I added some code to add a sidebar (as detailed in many threads on MyBB's Community pages) - where would this new sidebar box go, when the theme was shrunk (e.g. when viewing on a mobile / tablet).

Other responsive themes seem to move this box to the bottom, when viewed on a mobile device.

Do hope this makes sense!


It would depend on implementation. I would think the side bar could be coded so it moves to the bottom on a mobile device.
Thanks Tan

I need to know that this can be done.

Other responsive themes come with a sidebar as part of their theme.

I prefer your theme but need a sidebar.

I don't want to buy and then find out that a coded sidebar won't appear on a mobile device

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