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HQForums.ORG | Unique features | Giveaways and many more!
Site Name: HQForums
URL: http://www.hqforums.org/
Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum.
Description: Here you go;

[Image: HKZaphL.png]
[Image: HKZaphL.png]

At HQForums we aim for our members to enjoy themselves as much as they can. Other forums have rules to stop you from swearing and having discussions freely but we want our members to have a good time so our rules are relaxed.

Why should you join us?
Well that's a great question. Unlike most general discussion forums that are advertised here we offer some great unique features that I'm sure you will just love.
  • Credits - Earn credits by posting around on the forum, doing tasks and exchanging with other users.
  • Subscription - Upgrade yourself to VIP or Sponsor with your earned credits instead of money. Currently VIP is 250 credits, and Sponsor is 500.
  • Shop - Buy awards, custom user titles and usernames using your hard earned credits.
  • Awards - Earn, Create & Share awards with other users and showcase these in your posts and profile.
  • Lottery - Need some spare credits? Play your luck and take part in the lottery system.
  • Betting - Bet against your friends and clean them.
  • Coupons - Redeem your coupons and get some credits (Those are some awards you'll get from giveaways and contests.)
  • Games - Play multiple games while your are browsing HQForums.
  • Join-able & Purchasable Groups - Join and apply for specific usergroups in HQForums.

And we don't stop there...
We have new features coming to the boards in a series of updates. Some of the things you can expect to find on the forums in the updates are -
  • Scammers database - All of the scammers as of first of August of 2015 will be logged. (Going to keep checking multiple respectable forums)
  • Account History - Check suspicious history.
  • Check IP - Checks if the IP is a match against a known scammer ip.
  • And more to come.

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW.

Credits to MyBB; and all of the plugins respectable owners.

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