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GameOne Edits
Can I change the theme styles myself and is it easy? The profile banner image does it have an option for them to change it them self the way they want their profile image to look like? Also the background patterns can those be changed to images or something else? The footer "Latest Thread" does it work properly and if so How does it look? Cause it doesnt show anything on the demo. I really am interested in purchasing this theme but want to make sure I can customize all this myself and I need help with certain things will you guys help me? I been member for long time but haven't used mybb for while now and I am just getting back into things. Thanks!

Theme Styles

It's possible to edit them styles if you know what you're doing. It's hard to say since it's dependent on your html, css, & mybb skills. Theme does come with some instructions on making minor edits, but we are always here to give help when we can.

Banner Profile Image

Banner profile images, at the moment, are not personalized per account.

Background Patterns

Yes, backgrounds can be overridden and I've seen some forums that have added to it.

Latest Threads in Footer

It's a plugin we didn't activate. We've updated the GameOne theme demo. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for your inquiry. I hope this helps you.

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