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What style of music do you all listen to ?
Music is something i love with a passion, i play a little on the guitar when i'm chilling out around the house. I mainly listen to glorious style that pop punk / powerpop, bands like New Found Glory, Bowling For Soup, Blink 182, Mayday Parade, Forever The Sickest Kids. Although i do enjoy good punk covers and acoustic artists.

Just been listening to Rise Against - Savior whilst designing a custom theme.

Guilty pleasure song / artist is Michelle Branch - Everywhere which is an amazing song!

What sort of music do you all listen to ?
What are you listening to at the moment ?
What's your guilty pleasure song?
i love dupstep a lot i mostly clicked on the vids because of the chicks lol you will see what i mean:

Bassnectar - The Matrix

Sick Bubblegum:
Rock genres mainly.

Not into many recent bands, I think it's all gone very emo and not musical as good as it was. I was very excited about Blink's new album but it's utter pants. Only a couple of decent songs and great track but there not the Blink most people grew to love.

Less Than Jake, Complete (no longer/Indie), Far From Heroes (no longer/Indie) [Spunge] (UK Indie), Blink 182, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Never heard of it etc
I haven't had a chance to listen to all of the new Blink album, was not impressed with what i heard from the 2 / 3 songs i had heard though. Still find myself listening to the old 'Sticks & Stones' New Found Glory album.
New found glory is one of those bands I liked, though I didn't appreciate them as much despite me owning every one of their albums. His voice used to drive me crazy after awhile, though these days I can stick it on repeat and his voice has improved a lot in my opinion. Their last album (i think) is probably the most played album on my phone.

Don't.... Let.... Her, Don't let her pull you down.

Brilliant album.
Sticks & Stones is the album i have played the most i think, even had the pleasure of seeing them live which was pretty amazing. Some of best gigs i've been to have been bands like New Found Glory, Bowling for Soup and Sugarcult, saw Blink and didn't think much of them live but at the time Sugarcult were the band i was listening to alot and they were the supporting act so it was a good night overall.
Until I was 14 I used to listen to House Music like Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Shuffle but also electro and techno. Now I listen more to Rock and my favourite bands are: Skillet - Disturbed - Guns 'N Roses and Bullet for my Valentine!
I like almost everything, except for rap. My favorite styles would have to be blues and soul though.
I like old style to listen the songs.

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