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Help with Sidereel
Hey I bought the theme sidereel and it is not working correctly when I install it on my forum.

When installed its displaying like so...
[Image: attachment.php?aid=52]

What gives? Why is there no moving sidebar? Why is my avatar so big? Where are the sidebar links?

Uggg! How do I fix this?

It appears you did not upload all the files to the correct directories. Make sure you follow the readme instructions in your download.
Also, if you're having avatar issues read this thread for help: http://www.themefreak.net/thread-avatar-error
Now after correctly uploading the the missing files the sidebar shows up BUT its not moving and the links are missing...

[Image: 34rshgo.png]

How do I fix these issues?
Can you post a link to your site. I can take a look for you. Also PM me a login for your admin panel so I can look at the templates.

Its ok. Another one of the admins on the site took a peek and figured out a plugin was not compatible with the theme. We appear to be up and running now. Thanks for all the help mate!
I figured that would be the problem, but I'm glad you were able to solve it. Good luck with your site! Smile

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