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Infamous Gamers: Gaming Fans Unite
[Image: vPyaXtt.png]

We are a community which enjoys gaming discussions chillin' out and posting, we discuss many different topics and we're a General & Gaming community. A majority of the registered users are friendly and willing to assist you out with mostly anything.

  • Many achievable awards
  • Upgrade groups
  • Many joinable groups!
  • Tabs for different sections.
  • Friendly community.
  • Staff who are always willing to assist you.
  • Active community.
  • Custom theme by MySkins.
  • Credits System.


We try to focus around making the forums General & Gaming related considering that's what we were aiming for whenever we made the website but now it's based around near enough more:
  • Forum Bulletins
  • Community
  • FPS Section, Action & Open WorldGames & RPG, Multiplayer & Indie
  • Gaming
  • Graphics
  • Marketplace
  • Group Recruitment and Discussion
  • VIP Area


Our members have made a total of 8,101 posts in 705 threads.

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Contest & Events:
Christmas Event & Santa Hat Award: http://infamousgamers.net/thread-665.html
Posting Contest: http://infamousgamers.net/thread-663.html
Url: http://infamousgamers.net
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