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Diablo 3
(18th Feb, 11:52 pm)NickS Wrote:  
(18th Feb, 09:16 pm)TF Jon Wrote:  
(18th Feb, 07:15 pm)NickS Wrote:  If this is getting release, which is a shame because you didn't asked me, then all of the others themes done from the free service should be released for Free. Why make exceptions those are great themes too. Publishing themes like these (on MyBB official modding website) is asking from them to get butchered. I'm also going to withdraw from any possible contest to win any premium theme in the future or anything Themefreak related. Thanks, but no.
Edit: Seeing that the "terms of service" are direct copy of A.R, I will be terminating any connection with posting or anything related to the forum activity. Seems that no theme or plugin developer can stay out from specific MyBB clans, which for years now are slowing the development of MyBB into the right direction. A lot of people have left the MyBB because of children running the show, and about supporting same children. That's why we can't have nice things. Plus a lot of those "clan people" should check out their plugins for security issues as well checking their themes to be valid to XHTML/CSS standards. That's all. Have a good time.

I'm sorry you feel that way Nick, the reason that this theme is being released is that the PSD was produced by Demirev Design, who recently made contact to ask if it was available for download as it could not be found on the MyBB mod site. I thought after using someone else's work it would be fair for them to see it publicly available as they made their work available for free.

I admit that some themes have been 'butchered' when made easily accessible but those themes are often the ones suited for general discussion or console gaming, and often it is children that do that to the themes.

The reason for using roughly the same 'Terms of Service' for as Andraž Rihtar is that i think it is a good license that offers flexibility. I have edited very recently so free and premium items can be used for commercial projects, which was something that should have been allowed from the start. I have also changed parts that refer to edits made to a theme. I'm not looking to restrict people's work, just hoping for recognition for the effort i have made in making the themes. If anyone feels that something in the 'Terms of Service' shouldn't be there i would welcome a discussion on it.

I'm not to familiar with 'Clans' inside MyBB, i work alone and don't have contact with any of the other theme developers or designers. I enjoy working this way and hope to continue this with not only MyBB but also other software in the future, already planning to work on IP Board. I'm planning on creating a new framework for my themes soon to replace a lot of spans and large text classes with header tags to help with SEO, i know it's a small step, but something i hope others will appreciate in the long run.

I was actually planning on sending you a private message to ask you if i could use your Diablo forum as a link for the live demo, as you found the design and i thought it might help get a few more members as well as increase your traffic. That option is still available to you if you would like it.

I actually don't have the problem with the redistribution, what ever, I even encourage it . However releasing the theme on the MyBB website is actually pain job due to the requests for help, removing of the licenses from the websites, and the other stuff. If the downloading of the stuff required posts, they would respect the theme authors more. Also since MyBB is GPLv3 any self-written license is incompatible. And yes, I'll provide the demo this Monday. The site is almost done Big Grin

I'm happy you will let me use your site for the live demo, i will provide the updated theme in the thread you created in the 'My Projects' forum, please PM the link to me when it is set up and i will add it to the escription of the thread and as the live demo link on the MyBB website.

Although i'm releasing the theme on the MyBB website, support for the theme will be only be available here, but only to those who have who have registered here, have a post count of tbd and provide a link to their forum.

The only concern i have with user's being required to post to download is that the forum may get overloaded with spam, although it is something i will consider for future releases.

I appreciate the comments about the license as i was unaware of that my license would be incompatible, if you could provide some source material for that via pm i would like to do some research into that.

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