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Vincent Kompany's red card and four match ban
I can't believe that we could be this close to football becoming a non contact sport in England, for years we have been known to have the more "leniant" officials making games more physical and entertaining.

Vincent Kompany's challenge on Nani was nothing short of spectacular, he clearly won the ball without even touching Nani, and to be fair Nani didn't seem to have any issue with the way in which Kompany won the ball. For some reason the referee thought it was dangerous and reckless challenge that deserved a straight red card, only 10 minutes into an important fixture of the season.

The referee's decision is not the worst part though, the worst part is that the FA, who think that deliberatly kicking a player in a violent manner, is only a 2 match ban, and sliding to win the ball without touching the opponent is a 3 match ban (+1 match ban for already being sent off earlier in the season).

I struggle to understand how some of these executives think.
I think it was certainly harsh.

The problem with the challenge (i think if I recall correctly) was 1) two footed and 2) pretty dangerous, not only considering the fact it was two footed (even if he did pull his second leg away) Nani was still running at speed and the ref would have to issue a red card under the rules if he was going to issue a card.

I don't agree with it, though it was dangerous. It could of gone wrong and although it was timed well, I wouldn't like to see players having a career ending injury, which is the major fact to football quickly losing the art of tackling. I've seen clean challenges, resulted in a red card before where the ball was taken cleanly and the player didn't go down, although I think the 'big clash' also plays a major role in the event and for football to avoid becoming non contact I think more needs to be done to prevent things like this.


Ps. I agree with ending points though, alot is said about the standard of refs but I honestly do believe that we have some very poor people in charge of games.
At first it looked as though the referee wasn't going to blow for a free kick, then he saw the reaction of Rooney and think the occassion with it being a derby and all went to his head. I've watched it a few more times and it's the sort of tackle that in the Championship it would be 50/50 whether the referee would give a free kick.

I admit they have to look after the health of the players, and by that it was probably acceptable decision but they need to let the officials know what exactly is a red card offence as i saw Glen Johnson go double footed on someone the other night and only a free kick.

Also i do not like this new offside rule, i want the old one back.
I wasn't aware until you mentioned that a new rule(s) had been in placed, though I thought I had responded back when I originally read this. (yet I didn't)

That I agree with though, seems more to make up for the errors the linesman/refs tend to make by saying if a player isn't interfering but in beyond the last defender then he's free to score which could get very crazy. I recall Liverpool playing a few years back, three of their players had burst past the oppositions defense. The ball was down the wing, as the two other players was running into the box. The player with the ball shot towards goal (which ended up being more of a cross) and one of the others tapped it in. I think Ryan Babel was the player who scored, 3 - 1 I think it was.

^ How the heck that isn't offside I don't know but I think more goes towards the end of games, especially when the ref doesn't think it would make a difference.
[Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-vPsQnBBcc]

The second goal in that video, where Real Madrid blatantly exploit the new rule of offsides. What's stopping teams leaving a striker on his own next to penalty box and playing the ball over the top to quick wide players who can legally play it across as it's a new phase of play.

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