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Moderlo Now Available
After quite a busy week i have managed to find some time to create a release thread for Moderlo. As those who have seen some of my recent work know, i enjoy the style of IPB skins and have looked to add that to my MyBB themes. Moderlo is the first of what i hope will be a successful set of premium themes available to the community, the current version is blue but there are plans to have a variety of colors available.

The development thread created for this theme was here which contains recent screenshots of the theme. There are quite a few changes in regards to the thread view, the classic layout is still pretty similar but the horizontal layout is a very minimal layout which can be seen in the images.

Original post updated with new option of purchasing the theme.

As stated in another post, i would recommend leaving your Forum Username in the notes when purchasing so your membership here can be updated and you will be able to receive support should you have any issues.

Updated version of Moderlo is now available, The new version is built on the 1140px framework should be a lot more plugin friendly. Bugs from the previous version have been fixed and suggestions taken onboard like to add the navigation next to the logo rather than in a small font in the board stats area. jQuery popup box has gone from this version at the moment but may be added back in a later version.

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