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I'm AwsmDJ!
Hi all.
I thought I should introduce myself, such as many of yourself has doneSmile

First of all, it's a pleasure joining you all. I've been in touch with the developer, and I got to be quite honest - I'm happy with the workSmile

My name is Daniel Andrè Johansen, and I'm a norwegian web developer.
I'm 13 (almost 14) years old, and I've been designing and making websites since I was 9 (That's 4-5 years), and I can say that I'm quite proud of my work.

I also own the newly-founded webgroup called "WexGroup".
It's a new idea by me myself, and it contains most of the important websites anyone would want, but all connected with one siteSmile

If there's anything else, please let me know !Smile
Hi Daniel,

Welcome to the forums, i must say i'm surprised you started to make websites at the age of 9 as all i was doing was sitting around playing video games or outside playing football (soccer for some of you). It looks like a good idea you have combining the types of websites within one group. Hope i can help you get it off the ground soon.

Look forward to working with you,
Thanks Jon!
Yeah, it surpises most people I tell. I'm not like every other under-aged person..
I prefer swimming in our local pool, and making websites instead of playing games and such.
And yeah, it's a good idea combining the different website types within one group, it does make life better.
Welcome to the community!

I used to love swimming when I was younger, I still do but struggle finding time. (3 kids that isn't very likely) though we plan to do it. Quite mature for your age then! That's awesome. I was about your age now when I designed my first I was never very good at it to be honest but some looked alright.

Interesting and pretty useful site their, very useful to have them grouped as previously mentioned.

Do you run any communities?
Hi Kerrang,

Yes, I do have a community. I'm waiting for the dB to be uploaded, and the forum installed so we can start it back up.

Meanwhile, I have another community for my old group, which still isn't closed down.

It's a youth forum.

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