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Hello world
"Hello world" - what a beautiful expression. I'm here to introduce myself:

My name is Nuno and i'm from Portugal. I have some projects in internet (including a community) and i want to retouch one of them with mybb.

I love your themes. The best ones for me are the Minimal and School of help.

Thanks in advance

Hey Smile

Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your time and services of TF. This is really a very nice place to come for help/themes.
Welcome to the community Nuno,

I hope i can offer you the service you need, thanks Kerrang for the compliment. By the way how is your poetry and art forum coming along ?
Welcome to the TF Smile
Thanks to all. This community seems to be a nice place to learn.
Hello NunoF, it's nice to have you become part of the community.

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