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Your sporting teams?
Basket Ball; Chicago Bulls
Football; Notts County (Soft Spot for Arsenal; From around 1992)
Cricket; Nottinghamshire

Pretty much all I follow
Football; Hull City
Formula One; McLaren

That's all i really like.

Notts County were looking like a new Man City not to long ago, with Sven around the club (One of the best England managers).
That season someone appeared to be shinning a light over Notts, though I'm not one of them fans who say 'I knew it was a scam' or 'We're off the Premiership now that we're MEGA RICH'... I was very nervous of the club losing it's family roots and general 'Traditional' stance. It was certainly nice though, having a brief spell where success seemed to pointing our way after such a long time. Hey-ho though, I'm just happy to be watching League One football.

Jon it surprised me when you put 'One of the best England managers'... Not many people seem to think highly of him, I think he was a little clueless but alright. Though considering how we did in tournaments it's probably a fair reflection that we did have a fair bit of success with him, even if we didn't win the world cup etc.
As much as the everyone loves the Premier League for all the top quality players, you can not beat lower league football for the passion and grit in games, it seems so much more physical and entertaining to someone like myself.

I can only wish one day someone decides to put a bit of an investment into Hull, but with crowd sizes consitently small and a squad of young players bought or loaned from Premier League clubs it looks highly unlikely to happen. Although sitting 5th in the league at the moment we could have a chance at the play offs this season.

Tactically Sven was defiantely one of the best and i think if Seaman had stayed on his line 2002 we could have won that World Cup, and who can forget the 5-1 demolition of Germany. The only thing that i thought he needed was passion as he always looked to be siiting down and chilled out.

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