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My name is Jony I am 17 years old.
I own a Graphics community and would like to meet ye all!

I hope to donate and receive help in ThemeFreak

See ye soon!
Welcome to the community Jony, all donations are much appreciated and if you would like to make one please contact me via PM and i will let you know the details.

i Hope you enjoy the service i offer here and feel free to ask others in the community how i've been able to help them to see if i can be of assisstance. I look forward to working with you soon.

Hey, Welcome to ThemeFreak!

Hope to see you active around the place, it's a very nice community. It'll be good to have someone around the place who's familiar with designing, i'm rubbish. Could be nice if you've written tutorials to share them here? I think the whole designing and codings awesome, shame i'm forgetful. Smile
Welcome Jony.
Welcome to the ThemeFreak Smile

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