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Hi - I'm Jon

I'm Jon, i'm 23 years old and from Warwickshire, England. I have been designing and coding websites for a little over a year and have been coding MyBB forum themes for a few months.

I'm a huge sports fan, Formula One is my weakness along with Football as together they pretty much take away my weekends. My favourite teams are McLaren and Hull City, so if you want to come and post about how your team beat mine, feel free. Wink

Want to know anything i have not mentioned, then let me know.

I totally love your work Jon, I heard about this site on GFXF.net and just joined.
Hey Jon,

Quite impressive to say you've only been doing it for over a year and working with MyBB for a few months. I used to create basic HTML websites when I was younger but I don't really remember much about how to do it.

I don't think Notts will be playing you (at least) for few seasons. I don't like the thoughts of seeing us trying to rush things instead of building, somewhat similar to what Hull did when they got promotion and seemed to show the stupid pundits Ex Championships side cannot be written off straight away.

How do your fans regard Brown now? I know a couple who are quite bitter towards him for that team talk he made.


Ps. Please, Please, PLEASE beat florist in april, it will make me feel a lot better about your recent result to derby. (which as resulted in my dad thinking they can start climbing back up)
I personally think Brown was a great manager and what happened is the past, it was a rash decision by him to have that team talk like that. That is the only error he really made and that's what most fans will remember him for but he also got us promoted and bought in Geovanni (Geo, Geo, Geo).

I think with the way Forest are playing at the moment every club except Coventry in the championship will take points off them, they are looking one of the favourites for relegation only picking up a point here and there. Derby do have a good team and i think they will start climbing back up but i can't see them reaching the play offs or higher.

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