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Standard layout of theme
I would like to have a standard layout like how Gthree has, basic header and footer.
That's not how this theme was made. It's not possible to remove the sidebar navigation without major edits.
Guess im stuck then, figured it could be since it in portfolio (Gthree looks same theme) but guess it isnt same.
Now how do I get this edited.
I didn't make G3's theme though.. Jon did before I purchased themefreak. Then I made sidereel. Completely separate theme.
I see, and by what im reading on forums you dont have time to do a few edits.
How about a few questions though, can I add extra side panels on RH side.
Ive read more on the scroll side bar and seems very customizable, the more I look at this its quit a nice theme.
Yes you can add more side boxes. But I can't get past having no header and a few other things. To bad you have no time to do this for me I do like your work. Maybe I use some of your graphics to mod my existing forum and still give credits to you on footer.

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