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Thank you from P&A! Online
I can't really type how grateful I am towards themefreak.net for helping me with my site's design. (Jon)

The layout as been resting in psd form for awhile and in no real time at all, Jon took the design and turned it into a wonderful coded theme for IP.Board 3.2.3. I found the service to be very professional and the level of satisfaction as gone through the roof. I found Jon to be very friendly, extremely helpful and to say this was done on his recent offer I feel I have cheated him.

Great offer, I hope Jon buys himself a beer with apart of the donation I sent him.

Thanks Again,

P&A! Online
Hi Joey,

Thank you for the glowing testimonial, it was great to get back into coding an IP Board skin (particularly such a beautiful design). I am glad you enjoyed the service and found it professional and look forward to helping you in the future should any issues arise with the current theme / skin or future ones.

The donation is very much appreciated and after a quick drink the rest will go towards making sure the site stays live, as well as ensuring my services are here for everyone.

Thanks for being such a nice person to work with.

@kerrang! I just reported your post as your site forum is powered by IP.Board and not MyBB!
(3rd Nov, 07:47 am)QuadKøre95 Wrote:  @kerrang! I just reported your post as your site forum is powered by IP.Board and not MyBB!

The theme was designed for IP Board.. we've done designing for other software besides MyBB
I didn't know it, sorry for the mistake!

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