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Trouble Posting Pics
Hey guys, I am brand new to this forum. I am a member of a forum, of which I am a moderator, that uses MyBB. Some of our members are having trouble posting pictures up on threads when using photobucket. The pictures load fine, but it seems that every one of them somehow cut off the right hand portion of the pictures. I myself have never used photobucket, so I am not sure how their uploading is set up, but I am trying to figure out a way to prevent this from happening in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated, for we have some members getting slightly frustrated with this problem. Thanks guys!
If you post a link to a thread that is doing this I'd happily take a look at it Smile
i will look for a thread, but I think I have figured out the problem. The photos are extending past the width parameters.

I will try to explain another problem, please bear with me lol:

If you PM someone, above the text box, where you would click the tv icon to post a youtube video, etc., it is also cutting off the drop down menu box.

does this get you any closer to knowing how to address the issue bud?
Do people get into trouble for posting pictures of guns on Facebook?
Try it again to other folder.

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