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help with pages
hey I purchased duty calls theme and it looks great however im having a little trouble with the pages as my forums are in the forums section and all that but cant figure out how to edit the home page to save my life you can see here scaria.net i would like to put just words there rather than a thread but any help with changing it would be greatly appreciated and for some reason on this site i can post a new thread in your duty calls support might want to look into thatHuh

on another note I have noticed the space between posts in a thread is enormous any way of changing it so they are only a centimeter apart
I can't really understand anything you just typed.. if english isn't your native language I may not be able to offer much help since I can't understand what you're asking
lol yes its my native language

1. question has been sorted

2. there is a navigation bar at the top of the page with the following [Home] [forums] [members] etc.. http://www.themefreak.net/img/dutycalls/1.png when i click on [home] it takes me to a page and I cant seem to figure out how to put any content on that page, i would like it to be a page of words and pictures and do not want it to be a page with threads and posts as the forums page already has this.

just a heads up number one has been sorted it was a plugin that messed it up just need the answer to my second question
Thank you.. much easier to understand now Tongue

2. Home links to the portal so you can either edit your portal page via the templates for it or you can just remove the portal from the navigation..

Also, you need to PM your transaction ID so I can give you premium customer privs so you can access the support section

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