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It's been awhile since I've such a promising place such as this and I hope to be fairly active within the community. Not too many places where you can hang out with a designing community, so it's certainly very nice around here.

My Names Joey,

I run a fair few websites, although none are very big. I mainly do them as hobbies and things to do, so that's pretty much why I'm here. I look forward to being around/supporting TF.
Welcome to the community, it's not really a designing community here, it's more of a support forums for the projects i have worked on. Although bearing that in mind i do hope you remain active here and enjoy the service offered.

It'll be nice to see some of the websites you are currently running, and maybe you could give others tips on how you manage the communities. I myself have never managed a forum before, but would like to at some point so will be writing down all the advice given by different members.

Enjoy your time here,
Welcome Smile
Certainly something to consider Jon.

I've been around quite a few communities that offered help with themes/designs and very few manage to keep an active community because the doors not opened. Speaking from personal opinion, having the door fully open allows clients to see a greater insight into a place. It's fine to have a support forum, nothing wrong with that but when clients are able to communicate with each other and support a dedicated site, then only good things will follow.

I'll be around, I haven't been this excited about a place like this since Ivgeo. (which I deeply miss)

Thanks for the warm welcome!
That sounds like a very good idea to be honest, giving everyone the option the option to provide support for themes could help and encourage others to become members of the community.

I'll look into changing the description of the support forum soon so that it encourages others to post tips and tutorials as well in there that may well benefit the members using themes.

Thank you for the idea.

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