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Width of Pages
I love the theme so far, but I'm looking on how to change the width of the body in calendar, search, members, to the same width as the index? (when you adjust the shape of the window - the body of the index goes along with it.)

Example - body of the page fits the window size on index
[Image: s7u6q.png]

Now on the member page - it doesn't fit the window and just gets smaller
[Image: A4WzN.png]
Can you link me to your site.. thanks Smile
Can you give me an admin account and PM me the details.. I'll play around with it and see what I can do.
I'm not able to replicate what you show in your images.. how are you seeing this?
Tell me if it's working how you want it to now..
I think it's a browser issue, seems like it doesn't work with firefox. Safari and Chrome look good through.
Just curious since you say that the Theme is compatible in Firefox, have you fixed this issue?
If you look at the theme's preview here: http://www.themefreak.net/preview.php

You see it works in Firefox.. I'm not sure what you did but somehow (either through template edits or css edits) the width of the theme has been broken in firefox.. Unfortunately I don't have the time to search through all the coding to see what you've done.. You can try re uploading the theme under a different name and see if you can get it to work.
I'll confirm that this theme does not work on Fire Fox, not just the width too, the buttons in sidereel and bunch of other things.

Tested on 3 boards..3 separate computers..all new installs all same results. Sorry

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