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It doesn't show rank image's does it?
what do you mean?
like a pip?
Where you put the image rank to show when you post.
The user stars
They can easily be added..
How would that be done?
I could show you if you purchase the theme.. not hard I can assure you
Pblord bought it for mint, and i'm now using the copy because mint went on to ipb. Is that allowed?
techniqually if he 'gave' or 'sold' you the theme yes.. as long as it's only being used on one site.. however I can only offer premium support to those who purchase the theme
It's only being used on one site. And mint didn't even pay for it, a friend of mine and his did. I'm using it now because mint got an ipb license.
well I can only offer support in the premium support section for premium themes.. and since you haven't purchased one I'm unable to offer you support.. I can offer it to mint or the friend who purchased provided he contacts me with the purchase id

offtopic: It looks like mint is using a nulled theme.. I've contacted the theme owner about it

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