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Jann here:)
Hello Everyone,

My name is Jann and I am 18 years old. I am the owner of School of Help.


The site was designed by TF Jon. It was awesome to work together with Jon. Its more than a month ago and he still helps me if I need help with anything.

@Jon, your site looks wonderful!

Hi Jann,

Thanks for taking the time to register on the forums, it has been great working with you, particularly because we are both perfectionists and saw the same issues that needed to be fixed when creating the theme. Also your forum is for a good cause and it's been great to see how active it is becoming.

Constant support is something i am happy to offer, you never ask for radical changes, only simple little fixes for plugin templates ect.

I'm glad you like the look of the site, it's the first design i've had for myself that i've actually completed (still some things to edit in the css to make it ideal).

Welcome to ThemeFreak. Your forum looks really good. A little IPB experience there Smile
It actually started out as a copy of the IP Board theme, but after realising it couldn't be released without quite a few changes i stopped working on it, until Jann really liked the layout and we decided to change it enough so he could use it as the theme for School of Help.

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