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DIV surrounding Text Area too small
I am currently having a grudge match with Diablo. Surrounding the text area for new threads or replies, is this little bit of code:

<div style="width: 449px; height: 372px; position: relative; " class="messageEditor">

The issue stems from width: 449px. This style keeps the element from filling the available space, and as such, is only a very small box for posting.

Adding 100% to .messageEditor does nothing because it is simply overruled by the element style.

I cannot find where this bit of code is defined. I've searched through the theme's templates and the default templates with no luck. Any ideas? I need to remove that entire style line and add it to either messageEditor or a new class.
Can you please link me to the site where the theme is being used. Thanks! Smile
Awaiting administrator approval of account Smile
I didn't realize that by changing the textarea's width would dynamically alter that div's width. So I figured it out. Thanks though!

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