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School of Help design
Hello Guys,

Today I would like to give a feedback about the design that Jon made for my forum: http://schoolofhelp.com

Price: Good
Time: In less than 2 days everything was done!
Design: More than excellent

It was a lot of fun to realize this project together with Jon. He made an amazing Job on my forum. I am still in contact with him and he is still helping me if I need changes for example.

If I ever need another design, Jon will be my first choice!



Thanks for the testimonial Jann, it is much appreciated and i'm very happy you are enjoying the theme created for School of Help.

I think a major part of me doing the theme was the time frame as another designer had messed you about for a while so i was glad to step in and help get the forum up and running when you needed it to be.

I'm happy that if you decide to start another forum you'll come back and look forward to working on more themes with you in the future as well as provide support for the current theme.

I like that theme, very professional, and yes Jon is very very fast.
@GhostMaster Your site is really cool. My friend's forum uses the same theme as yours. Anyway I can't join it as I do not understand German language so much then.

To improve the index looking, try ForumsIcons mybb plugin to put icons in the left of the name of every forum section. Your forum will look better then.

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