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Game One 2 - i5stealth - 31st Aug

Hello, again......

How can I edit the orange details to pink/purple

I can't see any IMG, so probably CSS? am I right?

Kind Regards

RE: Game One 2 - Tan - 31st Aug

Please PM me the a link to your forum. Thanks.

RE: Game One 2 - i5stealth - 31st Aug

I've tried PM you, but no response.

Ideally I want to edit ALL the orange bits to PINK/PURPLE

Also, how do I change the controller icons to my own icons etc?

Kind Regards

RE: Game One 2 - Tan - 3rd Sep

Hey! Sorry for the delay. It looks like you figured out the color change.

To change the font icon to a different font icon you'll need to edit the following in global.css:

.forum_on, .forum_off {
font-family: 'gamefont';

.forum_on:before, .forum_off:before {
content: "\e608";

If you would like to go back to using images for forum icons..that's quite a bit of code changes and I don't recommend it.

Option 1: revert back to mybb forum icons (they mash a bunch of icons into one then use special css to show a portion of the image)

You'll need to take a look at, at the very least, the forumbit_depth2_forum template and find differences between original and gameone. That will put you back at using images like mybb default theme. From there, you will need to edit the default mybb image sprite with your own image using some photo editor and reupload to your host.

Option 2: use a different font icon

GameOne uses FontAwesome 4.3 so you could potentially use any of those icons.

RE: Game One 2 - i5stealth - 3rd Sep

Thank you for your response, yes finally managed to figure things out. My next question is,

Can I change the Height of header? not so much width as that's responsive but my Banner, is quite big and I would like to try and keep it that way if possible.

Banner Height RE: Game One 2 - Tan - 3rd Sep

Edit global.css:

header .header > div {
   padding: 30px 0px;

Replace with:

header .header > div {
   padding: 30px 0px;
   min-height: 200px; /* this is the height of header area */

min-height is what you will edit

RE: Game One 2 - i5stealth - 4th Sep

Thank you, that's awesome!