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Editor theme - empirious - 25th Jan

Hi, so when i purchased sidereel, it came with a editor theme named office_2007, but the theme was set to use a editor theme name Dark, dark did not come with the theme, and i cannot find it anywhere on the mybb forums or on google.

The current editor im using is office_2007 renamed to dark, and it is very buggy and does not fit properly, can anyone help me, tell me where to get dark or where to get one that fits the them properly?

my website is :

RE: Editor theme - Tan - 25th Jan

I believe you're supposed to upload and replace the default office_2007 editor and set sidereel to use it.. I'll upload a copy of the dark editor for you as well

edit: I've attached a copy of the dark editor


RE: Editor theme - empirious - 25th Jan

Yeah thanks this works, just to make sure Is this what it's supposed to look like, if not what would i do to fix it

[Image: Umg2ApH.png]

RE: Editor theme - Tan - 26th Jan

That's how it is supposed to look.. love the setup of your site btw!

RE: Editor theme - empirious - 27th Jan

Ok good to hear, and thanks that means alot coming from you!

Theme was totally worth it. everyone loves it.